Team building

Our team building events can be set up as competitions between teams or as an overall team effort where smaller teams work towards a greater goal at the end of the event. Contact us to see if we can tailor a team building day for you.

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Jigsaw Challenge
Can your team see the bigger picture?

In our most popular low level team task, the group will be faced with a number of different problem solving and team initiative tasks: from the “Running A” to “Honey Pot”, “Night Line” to “Spider’s Web”, “Handcuffs” and much more. Each task completed successfully will be awarded with a giant piece of jigsaw put together at the end of the day to form “the bigger picture” a symbolism used in the team review and learning transfer session.You can include outdoor challenges, such as Raft Building or Ballista into this framework challenge.

Ballista Challenge
Construction task – not just for engineers!

Faced with what seems to be a pile of random resources, your team will design, build and use a launching device in order to catapult a tennis ball into a bucket 50 yards away. The team will have to think outside the box, in order to get the ball into it: there will be planners & designers, do-ers, thinkers and reviewers. Time and resources are both precious and neither should be wasted – let the competition commence. (Advantage of the task:Teams can compete simultaneously in view of each other, adding a fierce competition and fun factor!)

Operation Nimrod
Turn your team into special agents!

Your team will be given a mysterious letter, leading them to a suitcase, dumped in a hurry from a speeding vehicle. The will find a wild jumble of vital information and random red herrings! The skill will be to decide which one is which. This team challenge is full of surprises and involves map reading, code cracking and speaking to french special agents in public telephone boxes, driving at speed to rendezvous points – you name it and it is in this task!

Paper Bridge Grand Prix
“No, there is no terrible way to win – there is only winning!” (participant)

If your team is up for a real competition, challenge them with our paper bridge construction task. Made only from – well – paper, it has to withstand one serious race! Ready, steady, go – or crash! One of our all time favourite conference breaker, team building task, bad weather alternative or evening entertainment challenge. A story line can be written to suit your organisation!

Low Ropes Course
A real balancing act….

Only a couple of feet of the ground and still a challenge for the team – how to overcome those gaps?! This is an obstacle course with a difference: get your team – your whole team – from one side of the course to the far side without anyone touching the ground. A task that will get your team to think as a unit, supporting each other all the way!

Water Transport
Can your team fix it? Yes they can!

The challenge idea is simple: there is a given amount of water at point A and there is a given distance to point B – where the water needs to be! How much of the water will your team manage to transport within the time limit allowed? The only rule is: once the water is poured into the “construction” there mustn’t be any human input! A complex challenge, great on a warm day!

Survival of All
Fire, shelter, sustenance – back to basics!

This scenario is based around your company – whatever you do or produce the story line will be a team of your staff going missing! They are investigating the new investment site, visiting a remote partner site or on a journey to negotiate a new contract when their means on transport are taken from the and they are stranded in the wilderness! This task includes search & rescue scenarios, shelter building, fire making, archery, ballista constructions and can also stretch to tree climbing, raft building, canoeing or rock climbing. “Survival of the fittest” becomes “Survival of your team!” – can you keep your team alive?!