Our Staff Team

Across the 4 businesses (Deneholme Country House, BECKs Training Limited, Sweethope Adventure and BECKs Bikes) our team currently consists of 10 members:

Tony Beck

Tony is our Operation’s Manager, looking after equipment, logistics and all “behind the scenes” run of the businesses.

Linda Beck

Linda is the Managing Director and main customer contact point – she will be the one answering your enquiries.

Chris Slack

Chris manages Sweethope Fishery on a day-to-day basis, looking after the fish as well as those trying to catch them.

Ryan Ponsonby

Ryan is our new recruit – starting April 1st, 2014. He will be in running outdoor activities on site for all our guests.

Amy Jackson

Amy has been working at Deneholme for 3 years, she is in charge of cleaning, bed room allocation and breakfasts.

Nikki Gow

Nikki joins us for larger groups at Deneholme to help out with the change over and she makes delicious home cooked meals.

Helen Gaskell

Helen is our biking specialist, she runs all our mountain bike activities – but is also qualified in water sports activities.

Mike Graeme

Mike plans to retire every year but cannot resist the pull of “The Great Outdoors” – he is our climbing and mountain specialist.

Matt Robinson

Matt has a snow board background but is currently undergoing training and assessment for several outdoor qualifications.

Michael Rutherford

Young Michael, as we call him, runs fabulous bush craft and competitive archery sessions, he also helps out with equipment & maintenance.

Seasonal Staff Member 1

To be recruited

Seasonal Staff Member 2

To be recruited