Outdoor Adventure

Our outdoor adventure activities are designed to cater for novices of each task – a basic fitness level is required, please contact us to clarify individual cases.

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Mountain Biking
Let’s get on those bikes and enjoy the ride!

As part of a larger team challenge or purely as a fun day out, cycling is a fabulous way to reduce stress levels, build motivation and friendship in a team – and a heart warming meal with a few pints afterwards are not to be missed!

High Ropes Course
Find the hero inside yourself!

We use a number of high ropes courses and high tree challenges: starting at Beamish Hall, Matfen Hall, High Force, Weardale House and our very own at Deneholme in Allendale. High ropes provide a fantastic platform for building trust, improving communication and having fun!

Climbing and Abseiling
A harness & rope will keep you safe!

Rock climbing and abseiling – the ultimate proof of trust towards your colleagues. Learn how to belay each other, how to scale a rock face and abseil to the bottom. No prior knowledge of the activity or rope work required.

Search and Rescue
They searched, found and rescued!

Your team will transform into the Mountain Rescue Team. Whilst getting briefed in first aid and navigation skills, an emergency call to locate and rescue severely injured casualties surprises the team. Can they keep their cool, get organised and complete the mission?

Bows, arrows & a target

Firing an arrow into a target using a bow sounds pretty straight forward, but there is a skill to it. However, after a quick demonstration followed by an introductory round, you are ready for a competition. Cheer on your team and celebrate each bull’s eye!

Find your way – as a team!

Your team will be provided with maps & clues and receive a detailed brief on map reading and the local area before setting off on their challenge. The task is to locate the markers set out for your team and come up with the correct answers within the given time. This can be set out as a big team effort or a competition.

Raft Building
Using barrels, ropes and poles – that’s it!

Raft Building is one of the most obvious team building challenges there is: You are a team, you have a time limit and a definite stock of resources. Your challenge is to cross a given distance of water – dry if possible. Our Sweethope Loughs are our favourite location for this task.

Have fun on (not IN) the water

Canoeing is an ancient team orientated form of transport – you will get nowhere without your partner pulling his or her weight! Communication is key when it comes to turning the boat around, increasing your speed or stopping. Enjoy a lovely journey around a beautiful lake at the same time.

Gorge Walking
Jumping off waterfalls, swimming in pools

This activity is adrenaline at its best! It combines water, height, remoteness, tight squeezes – and leaves the team utterly reliant on each other’s support. Don’t underestimate the power of a shared adventure and fears overcome as a team. Everyone will have a story to tell for months to come.

Underground, we are going underground…

Caving and mining are activities for the most adventurous of teams, challenging a fear at the very heart: being underground with tons of rock and soil above you and only a head torch to light the passages. Our novice level mines do not require any prior knowledge of the activity – what an adventure it is!